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Add your own events

You can request a management-account so that you can add your own events and use many other advanced features.

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Finding events is as easy as it gets

Find events
  1. Select the event-category you desire
  2. Set the date- and timespan you like
  3. Move the map to where you search events
  4. Select the event(s) you find interesting
  5. Participate and have fun!

Participate at, share events and have fun!

By joining our steadily growing community you can join events, add them to your personal calendar, create lists with your favorite events and share them with your friends.
Participate and share

Add your own events

By signing up for a management account you can create and manage your own events

Create event-channels

You are responsible for marketing of a band? Or maybe a PR-Agency with many clients who need to market their events? Simply create a page called channel for each organization you want to add events.

Add events to encaleo

Once you created one or more channels, you can start adding events to our system. It’s simple and free! Enter the required information and you’re set.

Add translations

Encaleo supports multilingual events (at the moment english, german and italian). You do not need to add separate events in each language, instead you can add translations and keep everything together.

Multiple dates

Events can have multiple dates. Let’s say that an event repeats itself a couple of times; simply add a new start/end date for each session.

Add admins to your channels

Channels can have multiple administrators, so that you can work on your events as a team.

Export events

Via our REST-Api you can export events and show them on your own website. Edit them on one platform and see the results in real-time on any platform you like.

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